A Travel Guide to Wadi Rum

Complete guide to visiting Wadi Rum in the Jordan desert


Wadi Rum is a desert in Jordan that seems to be often overlooked for the countries more famous sites, tourists tend to just pop into the visitor centre as they pass by. While there is nothing wrong with that, a couple of hours there is better than none at all, once you have read this excellent guide to visiting the area, hopefully, that will change.

Jordan’s Valley of the Moon

This post comes from Fabien on his travel and photography blog Travel Pixelz. I was hooked after the first paragraph, the description bought it to life in my head.

The guide covers everything you need to know about the area, including what to do, where to stay in Wadi Rum and a whole lot more you probably didn’t know you needed to know. And, as you’d expect from a travel and photo site, there are some amazing pictures to enjoy and get the travel juices flowing.

Complete guide to what to do and where to stay in Wadi Rum

Fabien from Travel Pixelz:

“The name “Valley of the Moon” already suggests, that there’s a certain magic to the desert of Wadi Rum. Located in the south of Jordan, the hallway between the city of Aqaba and the ancient city of Petra, it can easily be reached by car or bus.

Most people treat Wadi Rum as kind of a short pit-stop on their way to Petra. However, this doesn’t do justice to the natural beauty that can be found here. If you wanna have the real Wadi Rum experience and wanna dive a little deeper into the desert-life of the local Bedouin, then spend a night or two in one of the desert camps. It’s an unforgettable experience. 

I travelled through the whole of Jordan. I’ve seen Petra, the Desert Castles, the Dead Sea and most of Jordan’s must-see-highlights. But Wadi Rum is, without any doubts, my personal number one place to see in Jordan.”

So read Fabian’s guide to Wadi Rum that seeks to help you plan your trip to a place, that deserves to be part of every Jordan itinerary.

Camels in Wadi Rum Jordan


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