FREE PRINTABLE: Introducing the Sunday Setup from Erin Chase

A Weekly Planning Strategy from Erin Chase to Help You Stay Focused on Your Goals and Dreams

“How do you get it all done?!” 

This is the #1 question that I’m asked and the answer is the following:

  1. I’m uber intentional with my time and energy.
  2. I’m a planner-planner-planner.
  3. I’ve used this kind of system and setup for many, many years. 
  4. It’s designed to help me stay focused on what’s happening with my goals, our meal plans, and our day-to-day/week-to-week finances. 

I will be sharing more about this in a Season 3 episode of The Erin Chase. For now, watch the video below and download the PDF to get started using it! 

I have added a black & white and color version to the $5 Dinners Freebie Library. You can sign up to get instant access below!

VIDEO: Explanation of The Sunday Setup and How I Use It Each Week

Download the Sunday Setup Printable PDF from our Freebie Library! 

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